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What does St. Aubin & Associates LLC support mean to you?

Support from St. Aubin & Associates LLC comes with many years of experience and is dependable, but always conducted with a sense of humor. Your reputation is a reflection of who you are, what your goals are and how you plan to get there. Thatís where we come in. You should be able to concentrate 100% on Mission, Motivation and Message, without having to worry about the logistics.

Support from St. Aubin & Associates LLC allows you to be free to do whatís most important in your role, while we take care of other details. We make things happen, which makes you and your organization look good.

Support from St. Aubin & Associates LLC is there whether you represent a company or an association. Itís there no matter the size of your event. It is all about negotiation, organization and concentration. We hammer out tough hotel contracts, design communications, contract for presenters, coordinate catering and a-v needs, put in 15-hour days on-site and make money for meetings that were never profitable in the past. Our experience is your asset.

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