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St. Aubin & Associates LLC has been providing coordination of meeting and appointment scheduling for many years. We perform computerized meeting and appointment scheduling in-house – customized specifically for your organization’s needs!

What is customized meeting and appointment scheduling?
Most meetings, conferences and trade shows are held to bring together industry peers to share ideas and information. SA&A’s scheduling capability offers a new level of communication and value through private, one-on-one appointments between industry or market segments; i.e., distributors and manufacturers; buyers and sellers and more. This allows open sharing of facts and ideas between involved parties without interruption or distractions. The appointments can be held in draped booths, screened tables or the privacy of their own hotel rooms.

Association members &/or meeting attendees have the opportunity to select those from the other side with whom they would like to hold a private meeting. These appointments are a designated length of time with travel time between meetings. Specific criteria for your organization’s meetings are determined in advance.

Once both sides have made their selections, the appointments are set up through a specialized computer scheduling program. This program can factor in priorities (length of membership, frequency of meeting attendance, etc.), available time slots and other pertinent information. Each participant then receives a private, pre-scheduled set of appointments prior to the meeting or conference in time to communicate with those he will be meeting with.

How can your organization benefit from this?
In today’s competitive environment, everyone is looking for added value. This process provides that to each participant. Imagine how important it is for a supplier to have the chance to spend uninterrupted time with key, decision-makers from potential or current customers! Or, how valuable it is for a distributor to have the chance to review performance, sales figures and more with their counterparts?

These one-on-one meetings are specific, time and cost-saving and often noted as the single most important benefit an association or organization can offer its members. Participants can hold up to 20 or more appointments in a two-day period. Time for these appointments is easily scheduled around other conference activities, such as educational seminars, social events, etc.

Other scheduling options.
The scheduling database program SA&A uses can also be utilized to schedule workshop/seminar appointments or per-scheduled meetings with exhibitors.


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