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What meeting & conference planning services does SA&A provide?

Site Selection

We determine your specifications and preferences to conduct research into the best properties. After presenting you with options, we conduct a site selection to ensure that the property matches your expectations. A first-hand inspection is always recommended and whenever possible, we spend at least one night in the hotel as a regular guest, evaluating all services. This allows us to identify both positive and negative aspects that canít be spotted in sales literature. Meeting hotel representatives first-hand allows us to develop relationships beneficial during contract negotiation. Because we are recognized as a company working with many clients, we have important hotel contacts and clout -- this works to your advantage.


The key to any successful venture is COMMUNICATION. We communicate with you at every step of the way and with those you designate to create appropriate and appealing communications.


This goes hand-in-hand with communication. If attendees are required to attend a meeting as part of their job, you wonít need much help, but we can still make the information more appealing. For other events, we assist in attracting registrants, exhibitors, presenters and sponsors. For many clients, we contact and secure presenters within budgetary guidelines. The size of your budget does not affect our creative process. We showcase your event in the most positive manner.


Many meeting planners wonít handle registration. We do, because we know itís a vital part of the whole picture. Itís the only way we can really track whatís going on and report back to you. We create a database of attendees, with all pertinent information. Confirmations are sent to each registrant, reinforcing that their meeting experience is going to be a positive one. We provide both advance and on-site registration.


You develop the budget -- we adhere to it or save you even more money. SA&A LLC has a proven track record of making money for meetings that had been "in the red" or break-even. The tricky part is knowing when to spend a little more to make a big difference. We let you know what our experience dictates.


Every attendee has individual expectations which we want to exceed. We deal with VIPís and meeting delegates with the same degree of professionalism. We plan and oversee all functions. We adhere to the old-fashioned work ethic of doing "whatever it takes to get the job done". We enjoy being behind the scenes, making you look good.


We work with you to create the right menus and with the hotel to negotiate a fair price. Guarantees made to the hotel in advance of catering events are not for the faint-at-heart. Through years of experience and research of your groupís history, we arrive at the right amount of food and settings, but help avoid paying for food not eaten.

On-Site Administration

The planning has been going on for some time.......the details are worked out and now itís "Showtime!" Weíve put together a great program, partnered with a lot of exhibitors and sponsors and an impressive number of attendees are registered. Itís time for you to sit back and enjoy the meeting while we make things happen. We get such a rush meeting face-to-face the people and seeing that all details are covered. We solve problems in a quiet, efficient way so that attendees never know. One of the best compliments we receive is that we make it look easy - thatís the way it should be.

Post-Meeting Analysis

SA&A LLC provides you with post-conference reports, including a final attendance count, hotel room pickup, financial accounting and other pertinent information. If applicable, an evaluation summary is provided as well.


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