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St. Aubin & Associates LLC, originated in 1991 from Barbara St. Aubinís 23-year association and meeting management background.  We are equally proficient and comfortable with providing only meeting planning services or combining those with managing your association on a day-to-day basis.  We do it all.  The following association management services are available.


St. Aubin & Associates LLC is established in a central U. S. location, with complete office capabilities. Our office can serve as your association headquarters. Only direct expenses are charged back to the association; you avoid paying rent and other overhead expenses.

Meeting and Conference Planning

See the SA&A LLC meeting and conference planning services section of our web site information.

Membership Recruitment and Retention

Without members, there would be no association. Recruitment and growth can be as simple as providing good communication and service, which we do. We help volunteer leaders know how to respond when a prospective member asks: "Whatís in it for me?" We have doubled memberships in a short time span. We emphasize that itís as important to retain members you have and work hard in that direction. We track member dues payments on a timely basis.

Educational & Training Programs

St. Aubin & Associates LLC lends guidance in development of educational/training sessions, either as an integral part of regular association meetings or as individual seminars.


SA&A LLC is receptive to discussing other services your organization may desire.

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